September 3, 2016
by Debbie
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Osmo Number Tiles

I’ve had a few requests for some number tiles that fit the Osmo Numbers style. I’ve used the Geneva (Mac only) font again but this time have added an outline to simulate the bolder typeface being used in the original tiles. I doubt very much they would be recognised by the Osmo app if you used a printout of these to replace the actual tiles, but the intended use for these is to create your own Osmo Numbers resources.


If you want to match colours, the hex codes for the colours I’ve used are:

  • Red: #EC4A4A
  • Blue: #0677D6
  • Orange: #FE892D
  • Purple: #C142A5
  • Pink: #E02DA0

I’ve provided these images (in various colours and sizes) as a free download – just click the blue button below to download them and start making your own Osmo Numbers teaching resources.

Download “Osmo Numbers Tiles” – Downloaded 1631 times – 275 kB

February 6, 2016
by Debbie

Icelandic Character Tiles for Words for Osmo – Uppercase and Lowercase

For all the teachers in Iceland who want to create ‘Words for Osmo’ resources using Icelandic characters – this is for you. It is a downloadable set of blue ‘Words for Osmo’ tiles in three different sizes. Here’s a preview of what you’ll get:

Words for Osmo Icelandic Character preview

Click the button below to download (and let me know if I’ve missed out any characters).

Download “Words for Osmo Icelandic Characters” Icelandic – Downloaded 1440 times – 101 kB

January 15, 2016
by Debbie

Words for Osmo Lowercase Alphabet tiles

In addition to the uppercase alphabet tiles I have made some lowercase tiles. I plan on using these to create a Words for Osmo game where my son has to make lowercase letters with uppercase ones, like this:


I’ve saved the images in the Osmo for Words red and blue colours in three different sizes. You can download them by clicking the button below.


Download “Words for Osmo lowercase alphabet” – Downloaded 1655 times – 362 kB

I’ve also made some lowercase letters with accents. The preview image shows what is available in the download. These images are saved in three different sizes in the Osmo for Words blue colour.


Download “Words for Osmo Lowercase letter tiles with accents” – Downloaded 798 times – 303 kB

January 7, 2016
by Debbie

Words for Osmo Alphabet Tiles

I recently bought my youngest son an Osmo interactive game system for iPad. One of the awesome things about this system is that you can create your own albums of images to be used in the ‘Words for Osmo’ app. To start off, I’ve created a set of images of the alphabet consistent with the style of the tiles used in the game. I plan on using these to create images with sight words like this:

It took me a while to find the correct font, I’m almost 100% sure that Words for Osmo uses the Geneva typeface which you will have if you use a Mac.
Words for Osmo letters
I’ve provided these images as a free download – just click the blue button below to download them and start making your own Words for Osmo teaching resources. Feel free to leave suggestions for further resources in the comments below.

Download “Words for Osmo letters” – Downloaded 2294 times – 393 kB

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