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Learning web design: what you need and what you don’t


When I first started thinking about learning web design, I thought I’d need to subscribe to a web hosting service and that I’d have to buy some sort of web designing software. But much to my delight I found out I was wrong.

There are only a few basic things you need to start teaching yourself web design. If you are reading this post online then you have access to them already! All you need to get started is:

  • a computer with internet access
  • a web browser (I recommend you use Firefox)
  • text editor  (I use Notepad ++ which you can download for free or just use your computer’s ‘built in’ one)
  • image editing program  (I currently use Photoshop Elements but there are plenty of free options available)
  • the willingness to take the challenge!

That is all! In fact, you don’t always need to have internet access for the design process.  It is more for finding the resources that will guide you along that you will need it for. Later on you might find use of a digital camera, a scanner, some software like Photoshop, maybe even an extra monitor – but these are not necessary for your goals right now. So now that you’ve discovered you already have everything you need – let’s get started!