Teaching yourself Web Design: More HTML & CSS

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Okay. So you’ve done the W3 Schools tutorials but you don’t really understand it all and and you are tempted to give up. Don’t. Your next step is to look at some other tutorials teaching the same content but with a different method and style to help it all ‘sink in’.

I recommend the article, Learn HTML and CSS: An Absolute Beginners Guide and the video, HTML & CSS – the VERY Basics. Don’t just read the article and watch the video. In order for you to remember it all you must follow on and do all the examples if you want to make it ‘stick’. Other tutorials you might want to check out are:Tizag Tutorials and CSS Tutorial.

The idea is keep doing different HTML & CSS tutorials until you feel like you understand it enough to move on. One idea explained badly in one tutorial may be made perfectly clear explained another way in a different tutorial. With each tutorial you’ll get more of an idea of what you have already learned and what you still need to work on. And when you stumble upon a tutorial site that seems to just ‘get’ your style of learning, bookmark it!

As much as I love the free tutorials on the web to teach yourself web design, there is one major drawback of learning this way – you are learning in ‘dribs and drabs’ without any guided direction. One consequence of this is that you end up with ‘gaps’ in your knowledge that you are unaware of. This is where a good book comes in…

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