My Web Design Reading for 2010


I was very excited the other morning to wake up to an email newsletter from Sitepoint advertising their 5 for 1 e-book sale. I already had a copy of Everything you Know about CSS is Wrong, which they made available for free download a couple of years ago.

The books I chose were JQuery: Novice to NinjaSexy Web DesignDeliver First Class Web Sites: 101 Essential ChecklistsThe Principles of Successful Freelancing,  and Fancy Form Design. I’ve chosen to read The Principles of Successful Freelancing first since I am already half way through reading Smashing WordPress and can’t read two books on coding at the same time – not something this sleep deprived mum is capable of doing!

I also have just finished reading The Smashing Book and have recently bought a copy of CSS Mastery that I have yet to pick up –  I am in web design book wonderland! My guess is that it will take me about a year to get through them all. . .