3 Ways to get Thumbnail Preview Images to Show in Flipboard & Pulse


If mobile Feed Reader Apps like Flipboard or Pulse are not displaying any preview images for your blog’s feed, try one of these methods to get an image to display:

1. Set your RSS feed to display the full post.

This will mean any images you’ve included within your blog post content will be made available to be displayed by the Feed Reader for the preview. You can do this in WordPress in your ‘Reading Settings’ by selecting ‘For each article in a feed, show Full Text’.

2. Insert an image in your post excerpt.

If you don’t like the idea of displaying the full post in your RSS Feed and prefer to show only the excerpt, then make sure you have placed an image within each post excerpt.

3. Display your thumbnails in your Feed

If you don’t have any images in your post content, but you do have a thumbnail image for each of your posts, you can choose to make your thumbnails to appear in your RSS Feed. The post, ‘Show Post Thumbnails in Feed Content‘ at Digging into WordPress will show you how. (Please note, some apps may enlarge this image to suit their template which may result in blurry thumbnail images. Also, if you have other images in your post in addition to thumbnails, the preview image may not necessarily be the thumbnail you’ve provided).

I’ve yet to work out a way for a default image to display for blogs that don’t have images at all. Let me know in the comments if you know how.

Before editing the RSS Feed

Flipboard: BEFORE

Flipboard app showing an image preview

Flipboard: AFTER

Pulse showing no image preview thumbnails


Pulse showing image previews of posts

Pulse: AFTER


  • Emmanuel CHANSON

    Thanks for the tips, it works with the preview are, how to display the picture in the article itself in big size ? br

  • Debbie Teakle

    If that image is just a thumbnail it won’t appear in the full post view. For it to be in the full post view it needs to be part of the post content (and make sure you’ve set your RSS feed to display the full post). Let me know how you go…¬†

  • Kush

    Make sure you follow this. I’m about to remove every single feed in my Pulse that is missing even one thumbnail.

  • Beri

    Hi, I’m aware this post is quite old, but I’m having this problem on Flipboard for the site (wordpress). Do you know the proper way to fix it in WordPress? I tried 2 & 3 with no results (by the moment I don’t want to show the full text in the RSS). Thanks a lot in advance!

    • Debbie

      Hi Beri, you are right – it’s been a while! I can’t say I’m up to date with the latest on publishing via WordPress to Flipboard but I can tell you that Flipboard’s RSS guidelines do state that your feed needs to contain your full article. See here for their specifications.

    • Caino

      Hi Beri, did you solve this problem?

  • Ajay Sood

    Hi Debbie! My G+ post images don’t show on Flipboard Mag. Is there any way to address this? I would like those images to show there.

  • Robert

    Hey, everyone – I contacted Flipboard support and they came back with a set of CSS tags that can be used to control how the images are displayed – here it is:

    You can add CSS classes to your web page HTML:
    When content is added to Flipboard, our engine uses rules and probabilities to try to match and display the right elements. To make sure that the server recognizes the correct images every time, add the following CSS classes to your web page HTML:

    1. flipboard -remove — will ignore any element with this class
    2. flipboard -keep — will use this element. For example tagging a paragraph with this will insure it’s part of the excerpt
    3. flipboard -image — will use the element as an image
    4. flipboard -title — will use as title
    5. flipboard -subtitle — will use as the subtitle
    6. flipboard -author — will use as the author


    • Robert

      Do you guys know where to insert those tags properly in WordPress? I am using the theme twenty seventeen (just in case that matters)