Using the Concept of ‘Automated Directives’ to Guide Creativity: My First Project


I watched this video of Kate Bingaman Burt’s talk on her design projects using a method called ‘Automated Directives’. The idea is that you make yourself a set of rules to give some direction to your creativity. You really MUST watch the video to see some great examples – I guarantee you’ll be inspired.

I’ve decided to start a project of my own, which is similar to Kate’s project that involved drawing all her purchases. The rules I have set for myself are:

  • draw everyday objects I use at home – do several a week
  • draw sketch in sketchpad with art liner pen
  • import photo of sketch into Illustrator and trace using the Pen tool
  • save as a vector file and as a transparent .png file for web
  • upload to blog
My goals are:
  • to get better and faster at drawing freehand
  • to get better and faster at using the Illustrator pen tool
  • to make drawing part of my day
Things I’ve done to make the process easier:
  • set up Illustrator to open automatically when turning on my computer
  • bought a sketchbook and artliner pen specifically for the purpose
  • collected a few things to draw so they are ready when I am

You can find the growing collection of everyday object line drawings on the Drawings page of this blog.