Words for Osmo Alphabet Tiles


I recently bought my youngest son an Osmo interactive game system for iPad. One of the awesome things about this system is that you can create your own albums of images to be used in the ‘Words for Osmo’ app. To start off, I’ve created a set of images of the alphabet consistent with the style of the tiles used in the game. I plan on using these to create images with sight words like this:

It took me a while to find the correct font, I’m almost 100% sure that Words for Osmo uses the Geneva typeface which you will have if you use a Mac.
Words for Osmo letters
I’ve provided these images as a free download – just click the blue button below to download them and start making your own Words for Osmo teaching resources. Feel free to leave suggestions for further resources in the comments below.

Download “Words for Osmo letters” – Downloaded 2294 times – 393 kB

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  • LorenMichel VadnaisLaurin

    Thank’s for the letter, I’am a frenchman from Québec and i begin with Osmo. I will try the letter with accent (èéêëàù). Michel

    • Debbie Teakle

      You are welcome, Michel. I’m currently working on a set of lowercase letters, and including accented ones now I know at least one person will find them useful!

    • Debbie Teakle

      I’ve uploaded some lowercase letters with accents here:

  • martha brown

    Oh, thank you! I’m a teacher and we are worried that the students will lose some tiles. I tried them with marker on cardstock and that works ( most of the time)

    • Debbie Teakle

      I was hoping someone would try that! My printer is running out of coloured ink so when I tried, the tiles were a bit too feint to work consistently. I’m going to try printing them on photo paper to see if that works.

      • Kamie Kline

        Did it work?

  • LorenMichel VadnaisLaurin


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  • Matthias

    Thanks a lot Debbie!
    Did you try doing that with Numbers Tiles? Woud be great to have them as images for printout, too!

  • Kristi Gordon

    This is great! Do you happen to have them in a pdf or other file where they are the correct size and ready to print as a set? I’m thinking I’d like to print and laminate them. I’m having troubles with my 2nd graders using them with germy hands. We’re spreading sickness and they’re not really easy to clean since its paper on cardboard.


    I downloaded the files, how do I print them in one or two docs verses 36 individual images onto paper? Who’s done this and made it work on the Osmo?


    Hi, I was just wondering if you could tell the the measurements of the actual osmo letter and number tiles. Also do you have tangram and what is the size of the square when all the shapes are put together? I am going to print them straight onto eva foam sheets and try them with the Osmo app. I have the Creative set and I ordered the Little Genius set instead of the Genius set by mistake. It is very good so we have kept it, but we really wanted the tangram, words and numbers.

    Thank you

    • Kamie Kline

      Have you tried this? Did it work?