Words for Osmo Lowercase Alphabet tiles


In addition to the uppercase alphabet tiles I have made some lowercase tiles. I plan on using these to create a Words for Osmo game where my son has to make lowercase letters with uppercase ones, like this:


I’ve saved the images in the Osmo for Words red and blue colours in three different sizes. You can download them by clicking the button below.


Download “Words for Osmo lowercase alphabet” – Downloaded 1658 times – 362 kB

I’ve also made some lowercase letters with accents. The preview image shows what is available in the download. These images are saved in three different sizes in the Osmo for Words blue colour.


Download “Words for Osmo Lowercase letter tiles with accents” – Downloaded 798 times – 303 kB

  • Inda Björk

    Thank you for this. My school in Akureyri, Iceland is begining to work with OSMO. I just love it :) The 4-6 years old just love it too. We work alot with letters and math. But the Icelandic has letters that no others have like Þ,þ and Ð,ð and Ý, ý. I see that you are a genius in making letters. Can you make these?

  • Patrik Bernhardsson

    Hi, Any chance of you making the numbers for Osmo Numbers?