Icelandic Character Tiles for Words for Osmo – Uppercase and Lowercase


For all the teachers in Iceland who want to create ‘Words for Osmo’ resources using Icelandic characters – this is for you. It is a downloadable set of blue ‘Words for Osmo’ tiles in three different sizes. Here’s a preview of what you’ll get:

Words for Osmo Icelandic Character preview

Click the button below to download (and let me know if I’ve missed out any characters).

Download “Words for Osmo Icelandic Characters” Icelandic – Downloaded 1440 times – 101 kB

  • Inda Björk

    This is just amasing. I would love to show you what I have done but there are pictures of our students with there names. Dont want to make these pictures puplic. I am going to make another that is a littelbit easyer and just put a picture and the first letter in the name. When I make others that not have our students pictures and names I will make it puplic for everyone to see. I think that it would be for e.c users in Icelandic to name the puplic albuns Ice….someting ore Isl…something. Then it will be easy to look for. Thank you for the letters :)

  • Bianca Kristjánsson

    Thank you :) Great work. There is one mistake though….it’s á not à. Look forward useing this letters.

    • Debbie Teakle

      Hi Bianca, thanks for the feedback and apologies for the slow reply. I’ve now updated the preview image and the download file with the correct á character.

  • Lilja

    I could only open some of the letters, f.ex. only á, but not Á. And when I tried to use them my osmo didn’t accept them. Do you what is my problem?

  • Sigurður Jónsson

    Thanks for the effort but when I download I only get 11(in three sizes) of these 20.