Osmo Number Tiles

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I’ve had a few requests for some number tiles that fit the Osmo Numbers style. I’ve used the Geneva (Mac only) font again but this time have added an outline to simulate the bolder typeface being used in the original tiles. I doubt very much they would be recognised by the Osmo app if you used a printout of these to replace the actual tiles, but the intended use for these is to create your own Osmo Numbers resources.


If you want to match colours, the hex codes for the colours I’ve used are:

  • Red: #EC4A4A
  • Blue: #0677D6
  • Orange: #FE892D
  • Purple: #C142A5
  • Pink: #E02DA0

I’ve provided these images (in various colours and sizes) as a free download – just click the blue button below to download them and start making your own Osmo Numbers teaching resources.

Download “Osmo Numbers Tiles” – Downloaded 1631 times – 275 kB

  • Baby Gizmo

    THX Debbie. Is it possible to get the dice numbers?