I survived Javascript Live

I Survived “Javascript Live”


 …but only just.

Well I finished it. I wouldn’t say that I now ‘know’ Javascript. I’ve just learned enough to know that you can’t learn Javascript in three weeks. That doesn’t mean to say however, that I wasn’t satisfied with the course. Quite the opposite in fact. For $10 you really can’t go wrong for a course that gives you a serious introduction to Javascript.

Learn JavaScript With JavaScript Live

I have decided that the effort it would take to learn Javascript it not worth the reward at this point. I would have to be using it quite regularly for me to remember it all. I am planning however, on using my new skills to make the most of the JQuery library. I am currently reading JQuery: Novice to Ninja and would not be finding it such an easy read if I hadn’t persevered with the Javascript Live course.

Since finishing the course, I have signed up for CSS Live and PHP Live, also for the bargain bottom price of $10 each. Even though I already know CSS, I am sure I will learn something new and I am hoping PHP Live will help me improve my custom theme development for WordPress.