Teaching my 9yo daughter Web Design


My nine year old daughter has been proficient at using Photoshop Elements for a while now and has been producing her own website Photoshop mockups. She had a day home from school and was looking for something to do so I created a folder for her on her computer with an index.html file, a css.file and an images folder and explained to her the basic framework of a website.

She learned how to write the html to enter her headings and paragraphs, how to add images and how to make hyperlinks and new pages. She designed her header in Photoshop Elements, saved it for the web, added it to her images folder and inserted it into her index.html file. She even learned the concept of ‘div’s’ and how to style them using css! Click on the image to she what she came up with:

  • Pop

    Wonderfull- so smart- must be the mix of genius!
    What a girl.
    Love Pop

  • http://thelionsclub amy

    I did it